What makes us different is what makes us good - (read that again).
Visionary Technologies is one of only a few companies who specialize in only machine vision.  This has given us the opportunity to focus all of our energy at understanding every aspect of machine vision.  Through this we have been able to develop technician expertise and standards that allow us to generate more robust vision applications in a shorter amount of time
Lab testing: This is an in house testing service where we can help develop the equipment list and lighting setup needed to start your vision project.  This service is typically provided on time basis quoted in 2 hour blocks based on application needs.

Onsite Feasibility: We have a wide range of the lighting, lens, and camera systems that we can use to come to your site and prove out your application with real life production conditions.   Let our team and equipment work for your company. 

Vision Programming:  Our staff has experience with all the major camera manufactures including:
Banner –Presence Plus
Cognex – Insight and Easy Builder Software
Cognex – VisionPro
Cognex – Dataman and Checker systems
DVT – Framework and Intellect
IPD-Dalsa –Inspect
National Instruments – Vision Builder
PPT – Impact Software Suite

Our Services


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